Channel Calls for Restructuring to the National Assembly – Ortom

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, advised advocates of restructuring to forward their proposals to the National Assembly for consideration instead of seeking what he described as cheap popularity in the media.

The Governor who spoke to journalists on resumption from his two-week leave, said effective discussion on the issue of restructuring of the country cannot take place without the involvement of the National Assembly.

He stated that both the red and green chambers of the Assembly comprised of elected representatives of all parts of the country across religious divides, 109 senators and 360 House of Representatives members, who should decide the destiny of the nation.

Governor Ortom said restructuring meant different things to different people, emphasizing that those agitating for separate entities within Nigeria were using such for selfish purposes.

While stressing that his comment about restructuring was personal, he said a lot of people don't understand what restructuring meant

On the issue of his reelection in 2019, the Governor maintained that the troubles of today were enough adding however that when 2019 comes, God would tell him what to do.

He urged Benue people to be prayerful, emphasizing that he would not arm thugs in the pursuit of election like the previous administration did during the last general elections.

He said the issue of 2019 would not preoccupy his mind at the moment because he was engaged with statecraft pointing out that even if he did not seek reelection he would be fully occupied with other things after the expiration of his first tenure.