Inauguration of Six Boards of Government Parastata



I am delighted to welcome you to Benue People’s House as we formally inaugurate the membership of six Government Parastatals in the State. I sincerely congratulate all those that have been appointed to serve on the Boards.

2.    I wish to recollect that our Administration came on board in May 2015 at a difficult and trying moment of economic recession in the Country when the attendant dwindling allocations from the Federal Accounts Allocation Committee to the States has been biting hard. We therefore had cause to challenge all Government functionaries and other stakeholders to think outside the box by exploring possible ways of augmenting the cost of governance.

3.    Some of the Boards being inaugurated today are laudable sources of internally generating revenue for Government, while others are for offering social services that engender the well-being and welfare of our people. All those being selected to serve on these Boards should see their appointment as a call to serve. As Public Servants, they must shun the temptation to see and consider themselves as Party agents but treat all fairly and equally in the discharge of their duties.

4.    As Parastatals, the Boards have the responsibility to ensure the successful implementation of all relevant programmes, projects and activities under their control in the State.

5.    I therefore charge members to take their assignments seriously and to ensure that Benue State derives maximum benefits from their activities to justify their existence.

6.    The role of all the Boards in serving Benue people whether in Education, Health care, Sports, Economic development and so on cannot be over emphasised. I therefore charge all members of the Boards being inaugurated today to work as a team. Also, I enjoin all of you to imbibe and be committed to the values of fair play, fairness, justice, accountability, transparency and above all, the fear of God in all your activities.

7.    As members of Boards being inaugurated today, you cannot afford to soil your good reputation that has qualified you for the appointment. Since your choice is based on merit, you should live above board in line with the tenets of our Administration. Members of the Boards of the six Government Parastatals are as follows:

(A)  Benue Polytechnic Ugbokolo

  1. Dr. Joseph Ngbea                            -      Chairman
  2. Mr. Ben Ikwue                                -      Member
  3. Engr. Benjamin Ikyanyon                  -      Member
  4. Barr. Rodney Agbatar                       -      Member
  5. Col. Sam Ayough                             -      Member
  6. Barr. Mrs. Zainab Adulugba               -      Member
  7. Mrs. Kate Nomhwange                     -      Member
  8. James Pawa                                   -      Member
  9. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Science and Technology  -      Member
  10. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance           -      Member
  11. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Works, Transport and Energy    -      Member
  12. Chief Inspector of Education             -      Member
  13. Rector                                           -      Member
  14. Registrar                                       -      Member/Secretary

(B)  Benue Investment and Property Company Board

  1. Terngu Shawon                              -      Chairman
  2. Hon. Odeh Ageh                             -      Member
  3. Dr. Vitalis Tarhule                           -      Member
  4. Andrea Tersugh                              -      Member
  5. Hon. Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice  -      Member
  6. Hon. Commissioner Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment     -      Member
  7. Jack Mulya                                     -      MD/CEO

(C)  Benue State University Teaching Hospital Board

  1. Prof. John Ibu                                       -      Chairman
  2. Mr. Simon Gesah                                    -      Member
  3. Mrs. Erdoo Tsumbah                               -      Member
  4. Pharm. Patrick Ahenjir                            -      Member
  5. The Chief Medical Director of the Hospital  -      Member
  6. One Representative of Ministry of Health and Human Services    -      Member
  7. One Representative of the Medical Profession-   Member
  8. One Representative of the Senate of the University   -      Member
  9. One Representative of the other professions in the Health field   -      Member
  10. Provost, College of Health Sciences            -       Member

(D)  Benue State Sports Marketing and Lotteries Board

  1. Hon. Lawrence Onoja Jnr.                  -      Chairman
  2. Hon. Emmanuel Atser                       -      Executive Secretary
  3. Barr. Fidelis Mnyim                           -      Member
  4. Hon. Akor Ishoho                             -      Member
  5. Hon. Baba Odeh                              -      Member
  6. Mr. Aondaver James Adoo                 -      Member
  7. Mr. Mathew Uyina, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance  -      Member
  8. Mrs. Ngowari Tor-Akume, Perm. Sec. Youth & Sports    -      Member
  9. Mrs. Mimi Adzape-Orubibi, Chairman, Board of Internal Revenue Service   -      Member
  10. Saa Ajinge James Esq, Rep. Attorney-General  -      Member
  11. Dr. Sunday Ogoh, Rep. Operating Company   -     Alternate Chairman
  12. Chief Mrs. Kemi Omotosho, Rep. Operating Company    -      Member
  13. Mr. Pascal Onuh, Rep. Operating Company   -     Member  

(E)   Benue Sports Development Committee

  1. Hon. Lawrence Onoja Jnr. - Comm. Youth & Sports-   Chairman
  2. Phillip Nongo  -  Director Sports Council       -      Secretary
  3. Michael Idoko  -  Vice Chairman Lobi           -      Member
  4. Hon. Joseph Odaudu-   Special Adviser Gender   -      Member
  5. Hon. Godwin Idoko  -   Special Adviser Ethics     -      Member
  6. Coach Ayoo Ikyenge - Senior Special Asst. on Sports - Member
  7. Hon. Dennis Ityavyar    -Comm. Edu., Sci. & Tech. -    Member
  8. Hon. Otokpa Onoja  -  Comm. Info. & Orientation  -    Member
  9. Hon. Titus Zam    -      Special Adviser BLGCA       -   Member
  10. All 23 Sole Administrators/Chairmen                    -   Member
  11. Hon. Tarnongo Saawuan  - Political Adviser

(F)   Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board

  1.  El-Sheik Ibrahim Aliyu                  -      Chairman
  2.  Mustapha Ibrahim                       -      Member
  3.  Mustapha K. Ahmed                    -      Member
  4.  Alhaji Abubakar Aseer Ihongo   -      Member
  5.  Alhaji Suleiman Dangiwa            -      Member
  6.  The Executive Secretary              -      Member/Secretary

8.    Ladies and Gentlemen, I now have the honour and pleasure to inaugurate the membership of the aforementioned Boards and to state that the five main pillars of our Administration remain: good governance and revenue security, agriculture-driven industrialization, STEAM-based education and health services, investment in critical infrastructure and promotion of gender, empowerment of women, youth, sports and persons with disabilities.

9.    The philosophy of our Administration is anchored on the fear of God and the entrenchment of core values that reflect our commitment. These include transparency, accountability, justice, fairness, selflessness, humility, discipline, integration, forgiveness and restitution, reconciliation, peace and unity which shall make development inevitable.

10.  Once again, I congratulate all of you on your well-deserved appointment and wish you the best in the service of the State.

11.  Thank you all and God bless.

12.  In God we trust.