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Gwer-West Local Government which derives its name from River Gwer, was carved out of Gwer Local Government Area in 1991. Naka, the headquarters of the local government is strategically situated at kilometre 40 along Makurdi – Ankpa -state road.

It is bounded by Makurdi and Doma Local Governmen Areas to the North, Gwer to the East, Otukpo to the South and Apa and Agatu local government areas to the West. The main inhabitants of Gwer-West local government are Tiv. The major towns/settlements in the local government area include Naka (headquarters) Agagbe, Aondoana, Nagi Camp, Jimba, Bunka, Ikyande, Kule and Enger.

With a land mass of 456.45 square kilometers, the local government area has a total population of 73,000 (1991 census). However, this figure is being contested by the local government at the census tribunal, because the people believe they were grossly undercounted during the 1991 National census exercise.

The local government ranks 2nd in the state in terms of number of wards, with a total of fifteen (15) council wards.

Gwer-West local government is basically an agrarian area. It is endowed with large expanse of fertile land. Over 90% of the population is engaged in agriculture. The local government is one of the largest producers of rice in the state in addition to other crops such as maize, millet, yam, guinea corn, soybeans, groundnuts, citrus, while livestock such as cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry are also in abundance.

Gwer-West local government is endowed with many natural resources. Some of these include, timber, salt deposit, gypsum and clay which are yet to be exploited to full commercial advantage. Some of the small-scale industrial projects that can be established in the local government area include: rice milling industry, garri processing, poultry farm, block industry (burnt bricks) and saw milling industry.

Nake, the administrative headquarters of the local government has been hooked to the national grid. Other towns such as Agagbe and Aondoana are expected to enjoy the facility soon. Also, the trunk ‘B’ road, Makurdi – Adoka – Ankpa, which links the North with the Southern part of the country, passes through the hear of the local government and Naka, the headquarters. This, along with feedr roads in the area facilitate the movement of farm produce to markets in the local government area and outside and provide prospective investors with a good road network for industrial activity.