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Oju local government is located to the Southern part of Benue State, bounded in the North by her immediate neighbour, Obi local government area; Ebonyi State and Cross River State to the East by Vandeikya, Konshsha and Gwer and to the West by Ado Local government area. Oju local government was part of the defunct Idoma divisional status following the creation of more states and local governments by Late Murtala Muhammed.

Since then, the geographical location had remained the same until 1996, twenty years later, when Obi local government was carved from it. With one third of the total population carved out, the local government has over two hundred and fifty thousand people (250,000) as projected. The local government has eleven council wards.

The main topographical feature of Oju local government is the long range of highlands stretching from Oloko River in Amaka-Owo through Andibilla Hills towards Owokwu mountains to Udi Hills in Ebonyi State. This makes the local government area prone to water inferno, which destroys food crops, houses as well as property worth several millions of Naira yearly. Other features include the plain land stretching from Ukpa through Iyeche to Obor/Oye at the Cross River state border.

These areas form the major agricultural areas where food and cash crops are produced at an extensive scale. There are two major rivers namely the Oyongo River in Iwokwu and Onuwu River in Oboro/Oye. Rain season starts in Oju mostly in April and lasts till October each year, though changes in weather affect the commencement and duration in some years.

Crops such as yams, cassava, rice, maize, millet, groundnut, beniseed, guinea corn, soybeans etc. are produced in commercial quantity making farming the major means of livelihood. In addition, fishing, basking, carving, hunting, knitting and pottery are practiced at subsidiary levels.

Among natural tourist attracts in the local government are the Illeme water lake, Okilema, Anmdibilla Hills, Ohuma-Uwokwu Hills, local iron production at Ogengeng Ukpa; water spring at Uwu Ukpa among others. These are in addition to the wonderful bats community at Ojokwe Uwokwu.

Modern recreation facilities include the local government VIP Guest House, Adiya International Hotels, Sobi Guest Inn, Umbrella Hotels, Decency Restaurant , Sports Hotels, the Chukwudi Centre, Anco Centre and a host of others.

Oju is rich in mineral deposits like bauxite and limestone, found in Andibilla and Uwokwu hills respectively. Exploration of these minerals started in 1950 and since then nothing has been done to exploit these natural endowments. Geological surveys carried out over thirty years by foreign firms also suggests that there is petroleum deposit around Ukpute area.

Incapacitated for many years by bad roads, the federal government has embarked on road rehabilitation project from Otukpo to Oju and the state from Awajir to Oju while the council is opening up feeder roads. This economy is fast expanding and improving with small-scale industries springing up.

Mineral deposits, varied agricultural produce and the good network of roads have thrown up opportunities for investment in agriculture, small-scale industries and mining activities.