See What Ortom is Doing to Communities of Benue State

“Together, we can transform the rural landscape, create more jobs, wealth and opportunities as well as improve rural habitats and livelihoods” – Governor Samuel Ortom in his inaugural address on May 29, 2015.
The People’s Governor has kept the promise. Communities of the state are already benefitting from electrification, roads and bridges with most of the projects completed and others at various stages of execution. Take a look: Rural Roads and Electrification @ Extension of electricity from Tavachan to Aba Mbahav in Katsina-Ala LGA @ Electrification of Jato Daula Community in Gwer East LGA @ Electrification of Atsaga Anemba Village near Ikobo in Ushongo LGA @ Extension of electricity from Nagi to Tse Awuna village, Gwer West LGA @ Electrification of Dajo Pottery road, Makurdi @ Rehabilitation of Uni-Agric-Gbajimba power transmission line @ Purchase and Supply of transformers for different parts of the state @ Extension of electricity from Mkovur Jagela to Anvambe @ Extension of electricity from Anvambe to Ako in Buruku @ Electrification of Awajir-Gungul-Tse Agberagba in Konshisha @ Electrification of Government Science and Technical College Otukpo @ Electrification of Government Science and Technical College Garagboul, Buruku @ Electrification at Andyar Gemade Village, Konshisha @ Extension of electricity from Tse-Agberagba to Wuese (Relocation to Ansgagba-Amua), Konshisha @ Uavande-Jov Kyundan electrification project @ Construction of a two span reinforced concrete bridge across Ogoli Stream on Ogobia-Unwaba Oju feeder road in Otukpo LGA @ Construction of bridges and culverts in Ushongo LGA @ Construction of a two span reinforced concrete bridge across Utem stream in Ugbe community, Katsina-Ala @ Purchase and installation of transformers at Aumazwa and Ikpenger villages in Gboko West and construction of culvert at Ikpa Agure and Mbadim @ Construction of culverts, bridges and drainages in Kwande LGA @ Electrification project for Camp Garba in Makurdi LGA. @ Bureau of Cooperatives and Rural Development has successfully registered 1,067 cooperative societies which now benefit from government programmes. Source: Bureau of Cooperatives and Rural Development.