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Tarka Local Government Areas which was created on 8th December 1996, is named after the late Sen. Chief. (Dr) Joseph Sarwuan Tarka, a renowned and front line politician. It is situated North of Gboko local government area in the North-East wing of Benue State. It has a landmass of about 60,000 sq. km. It has a population of about 152,984 people (1991 census). The local government shares boundaries with Guma, Gwer, Buruku and Gboko local governments to the North, West East and South respectively.

Wannune, headquarters of the local government is strategically located as it is situated by the Trunk ‘A’ federal highway at kilometer 52 along the busy Makurdi – Gboko road in Benue State.

Tarka local government is made up of three administrative districts namely: Mbajir, Mbalahan and Mbachoughul.

The low level land and Guinea Savannah vegetation with fairly tall sparsely grown trees and grasses favour the growth of both root and grain crops simultaneously. There is also large scale vegetable production.

Recent geological surveys have revealed that there are deposits of clay and precious stones in large commercial quantities which industrialists can readily make use of. There is also a water fountain, which can be exploited to produce bottled spring water for domestic consumption.

Revenue from the federation account takes more than 75% of the total revenue generated annually. Markets constitute an appreciable percentage of internally generated revenue. Notable markets in the area include; Wannune market, Asukunya market, Terhemba market, Pipeline market, Agudo market, Wergba Chen market, Gwarche market, Avande market, Tior Tyu market and Tyongi market.