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Benue State, often referred to as the “Food Basket of the Nation,” is located in the North-Central region of Nigeria. Our story is one of resilience, diversity, and a deep connection to our roots.

Government House, Makurdi, Benue State


Benue State was created on February 3, 1976, during the reorganization of Nigeria’s states. It was carved out of the former Benue-Plateau State, reflecting the unique cultural and geographical characteristics of our people. Our state is blessed with a diverse landscape, featuring lush plains, rolling hills, and the iconic Benue River that meanders through our territory. This natural beauty has not only shaped our identity but also provided a fertile ground for agriculture, which is the backbone of our economy.


Our state is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, with over 30 distinct ethnic groups calling Benue home. The Tiv, Idoma, Igede, and other indigenous communities contribute to our cultural tapestry, each with its unique language, customs, and artistic expressions. Our cultural festivals, such as the Yam Festival (Igede and Idoma) and Kwagh-Hir Theater and Kyegh Sha Shwa Cultural Festival (Tiv), are celebrated with fervor and unite our people in joyful celebration.

Agriculture &
Food Production

Benue State's reputation as the "Food Basket of the Nation" is well-earned. Our fertile soil and favorable climate conditions make us a leading producer of crops such as yam, rice, maize, cassava, and groundnut, among others.

These agricultural products not only sustain our people but also contribute significantly to the nation's food security.


Food Basket of the Nation - Wurukum Roundabout

Education & Development

We are committed to the educational and economic development of our state. Benue State boasts several institutions of higher learning, including Benue State University, Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, and many others. These institutions serve as hubs of knowledge and innovation, empowering our youth to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our state and the nation as a whole.

Our Vision For The Future

As we move forward, we are dedicated to building a more prosperous and inclusive Benue State. We aim to harness our agricultural potential, promote tourism, and provide quality education and healthcare for our people. Together, we strive for a future where every citizen can fulfill their dreams and aspirations within the borders of our beloved state.

48 Years of History

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about Benue State. We invite you to explore our diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and the warm hospitality of our people. Feel free to connect with us for more information and opportunities to engage with our community. Together, we look forward to a brighter tomorrow for Benue State.

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